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The places you can work as a nurse are almost unlimited.

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Why Be A Nurse. Find out why this career can be a such a fulfilling choice. Dynamic profession. Nurses are independent. They drive change and play a bigger role in the healthcare system than you may ever have imagined.

Endorsements from Nurses

Did You Know. Nurses can be primary and specialty health care providers. Like a nurse practitioner, who serves as a key caregiver for patients in hospitals, schools, and private practices, with prescribing capabilities. Did you know. Some nursing specialties are quite highly paid.

Nurses today publish scientific research, develop mobile medical applications, give TED Talks and drive healthcare policy. Career growth Nurses never need to stop learning and growing, as healthcare is ever changing. Taking continuing education classes or pursuing an additional degree are just two of the ways that you can keep building on your knowledge and skills. Nursing degrees.

ANHE Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship

Nursing specialties. In their own words. With my expanded roles outside of the operating room, I cap my clinical day to hours. I work 2—3 days a week in our women's health clinic, seeing primarily pregnant women.

Reporting suspected impaired practice or narcotic diversion in the workplace

Those days are roughly 8-hour days and I'll see anywhere from 20—45 patients. Diverse opportunities Hospitals and medical offices? Read more about Canadian Applicants.

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Read more about Internationally Educated Applicants. We exist to protect the public.

University of Chicago nurse strike: 2, nurses walk off job today -- live updates - CBS News

We do this by setting standards for education, registration and practice, supporting registered nurses in meeting the standards and taking action when the standards are not met. Renewal Opens on Oct. What's new? NurseLink Practice Expectation Spotlight Wednesday, September 4, — As registered nurses, we are expected to effectively communicate with clients to optimize health outcomes.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2

Read more. Thinking about becoming a registered nurse?