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Schwartz is a well-known expert on the Perl programming language. Brian D. Foy has been an instructor for Stonehenge Consulting Services since He is the publisher of The Perl Review and is a frequent speaker at conferences. Tom Phoenix teaches Perl classes for Stonehenge Consulting Services, where he has been working since Besides his work with Perl, he spends his time on amateur cryptography.

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He is currently based out of Portland, Oregon. You can take it further though. You commit your code and grab some more coffee while your tests trigger themselves. Martin Fowler has some interesting thoughts on CI and wikipedia has a comparison matrix of CI services. You can run into problems relying on the averages of floating point numbers. Since Perl v5. I can use Inline::C to play with these. You can use that reference with the binding operator to perform a match, interpolate the reference into the match or substitution operators, or combine the reference with other references or literal patterns to make a larger pattern.

Intermediate Perl. RSS Feed. FizzBin with no ifs, ands, or buts. Fire Technology.

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  • Intermediate Perl, 2nd Edition;
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  • Download Intermediate Perl, 2Nd Edition: Beyond The Basics Of Learning Perl.
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