Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies

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What to Do When a Sugar Craving Strikes Regardless of how clean your diet is, almost everyone gets cravings for sweets or junk food now and then. As you practice better eating habits and wean yourself off sugar, use these suggestions to fight back when a sugar craving strikes: Drink a cold glass of distilled water or citrus-flavored mineral water.

Beating Sugar Addiction - Dan DeFigio | ABC of Success

Is it hunger? A stressful event? An inconsiderate spouse? Make a conscious decision to eat or not eat the sweet.

How to Eat Less Sugar and Curb Cravings

Choosing Substitute Behaviors to Keep You Away from Sugar A good way to beat sweets is to engage in an enjoyable substitute activity whenever you have a sugar craving. Here are some suggestions: Do a Sudoku puzzle or play chess or Scrabble on the computer — keep your brain occupied! Do some crunches or jumping jacks.

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Find a new charity you like and send a donation. If you have a partner, write a love note. Look up a long-lost friend on Facebook and say hi.

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Look up a subject that interests you and learn something new about it. Make a list of movies you want to see or books you want to read. Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies provides you a safe and healthy path to overcome your addiction, eliminate stress eating, and upgrade your nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. Sugar addiction is a rapidly growing epidemic that can lead to obesity, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and a host of other medical and psychological problems.


Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies helps those who are affected by this commonly overlooked addiction to outsmart their sugar cravings and overcome their addiction. If you're one of the millions of people worldwide who relies too much on sugar for energy, comfort, or convenience, Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies is your no-nonsense guide to decreasing your sugar intake, losing weight, and changing your life for the better!

Passar bra ihop. Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies. Description A step-by-step guide to kicking the sugar habit and living a healthier, happier life With many Australians and New Zealanders drawing as much as a third of their total caloric intake from sugar and enriched flour, sugar addiction is a rapidly growing problem. Global sugar consumption has tripled in just the last 50 years and the result has been increasing levels of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Even worse, the more sugar we eat, the more sugar our bodies want, leading to a dangerous cycle of sugar addiction.

Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, Australian and New Zealand Edition, presents a simple, step-based program that gradually weans you off sugar in large amounts to let you live a healthier and fitter life. The book explains the hidden sources of sugar we consume, the effect that eating too much of it has on us, and how to cut down on sugar without sacrificing the foods we love. Plus, you'll find healthy, simple meal plans and recipes that include little or no sugar.

Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies gives you the information and advice you need to break the cycle and find a healthy balance. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Psychology For Dummies Adam Cash. Ukulele For Dummies Alistair Wood.


Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies

Biochemistry For Dummies John T. Sailing For Dummies J. Dutch For Dummies Margreet Kwakernaak. Latin For Dummies Clfford A. Back cover copy Learn to: Understand why you turn to sugar and how addictive it is Develop a low-sugar or no-sugar plan and manage cravings Improve your diet with delicious low-sugar meals and snacks Overcome sugar addiction and live a healthier life Reduce your sugar intake and live a healthier life Sugar is addictive -- the more we eat, the more we want.

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With one-third of our calories coming from sugar and white flour added to processed foods, sugar addiction is growing rapidly and so are our waistlines! Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, Australian and New Zealand Edition, provides expert advice and tried-and-true techniques to help you understand sugar and quit, or greatly limit, your habit successfully.